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Overwatch 2 Is Getting Cross-Progression, and Account Merging Is Coming for the Original Game

Overwatch 2 will include cross-progression across all formats. Starting today, you can merge your console and PC accounts from the original game and carry over all your collected progress to the new version.

Overwatch 2 will essentially replace the original Overwatch when the game launches on October 4, 2022. The game will feature cross-progression across all formats, and Activision Blizzard has announced that multiple accounts can be merged and brought into existing Overwatch. progress to the sequel.

“With the launch of Cross-Progression, players will be able to combine multiple Overwatch accounts to bring their progression and in-game cosmetics to Overwatch 2 in one profile,” the official statement said. “After August 16th, all players with linked console accounts will be asked at login to identify, select and confirm which account they wish to merge. prepare to do so.”

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In Overwatch 2, all players battle net account, console too. Essentially, progress from your linked console account is saved to your account. This allows Overwatch 2 to share decorations and unlocks between various linked accounts.

But be careful. 1 Please double check the accounts you wish to merge before agreeing as you will have the opportunity to merge your console accounts.

The complete process of merging accounts is as follows:

  • Log in to Overwatch with your console account
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and scan the QR code with your smartphone
  • Enter the code displayed on the console to link/create your account
  • Verify and merge your accounts the next time you log in to the game.

You are done. Your console account will then be merged with your account. However, once you’ve merged your console account with, you won’t be able to add other accounts from the same platform. Make sure you are integrating the correct account.

You can merge your Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and PC accounts, but 1 per platform. Account merging is currently the only way for console players to carry their progress over to Overwatch 2, but PC players should make sure their progress automatically carries over to the next sequel.

Once merged, all items in your Hero Gallery from all linked platforms will appear in your account, giving you access to the decorations you have unlocked across the various platforms.

The merge also carries over in-game stats, where playtime and wins are structured as the sum of all totals, while stats like best accuracy and killstreaks take the highest from all merged accounts. .

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