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Phil Spencer Takes ‘Full Responsibility’ For Redfall’s Poor Release

Xbox head Phil Spencer has addressed the significant negative reaction to Redfall. Redfall is his recently released co-op vampire-slaying FPS that has led to numerous negative reviews and player disappointment.

talk to A little funny XcastSpencer said he was “mad at himself,” and that he was “taking full responsibility for launching a game that needed to be great.” While acknowledging his disappointment at arriving in such a state, he also offered support to the game’s developer, Arkane Austin, stating that he would not “go against the creative ambitions of our team.” I was.

When asked his initial reaction to the launch of Redfall, which dropped as an Xbox console exclusive this week, Spencer said: [and] Be discouraged.

“I am disappointed, I am angry with myself. I did.

Spencer maintained a somewhat defensive attitude towards the team at Xbox Game Studios, though he admitted that “the critical response was not what we wanted.” “One of the things I fight for [the idea of] What went wrong?” he said. “What we can do is obviously quality and execution, but one thing I don’t do is disagree. [the] Creative aspirations of our team. ”

“I’m a huge Arkane Austin fan,” he said. “Their track record is great. I love the many great games they have built. I think it’s a bit too simplistic to say that the core creative of the game would have offered something different if it had been delayed a month.” ”

Regarding Redfall’s future, Spencer said Xbox, Bethesda, and Arkane Austin will continue to work on improving the game, starting with the promised 60FPS patch. We’re still working on 60 FPS, we have the right timeline for that and we’re working to get it done,” said Spencer. “And we will continue to work on games.

“But I also know these games are $70. I take full responsibility for releasing great games,” he admitted.

“We’ve let a lot of people down with the launch of the game this week, but we’ll keep trying. We have to. That’s creativity.”

Redfall launched earlier this week, and criticism and player reaction were largely negative, with IGN’s review being the most critical with a score of 4/10. It’s a notable relegation for the Austin-based studio, which co-developed his beloved Dishonored series and delivered the critically acclaimed Prey and Prey Mooncrash before starting work on Redfall. Arkane is a company specifically focused on single player, and Redfall is not only the studio’s first step into co-op multiplayer, but also its first serious mistake.

Matt Purslow is IGN’s UK News and Features Editor.

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