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Pikmin 4 Fans Take Over Times Square With Twerking Olimar

Pikmin 4 launches next week, and to mark the release of the fourth major installment in the series, fans can show the world how much they love Pikmin by purchasing a 15-second slot on a billboard in Times Square. I’m here.

It was first discovered that game radar, Pikimin fandom is holding a ‘Times Square takeover’ in New York.use TSX livea $40 mobile app that lets you upload photos and short videos to the Times Square billboard.

Fans are buying ad space on TSX Live to promote the game in the most unconventional (yet very hilarious) way. A prime example is Twitter users. Yume Pachishared a video of Pikmin protagonist Olimar twerking as well as promoting the game with a 15-second slot.And as you can imagine, the image became Popular memes in fandom.

While the Olimar toying video certainly gets the most attention, other Pikmin fans have also contributed to the takeover. YouTube specs uploaded a video A compilation of several sightings of Pikmin-related content displayed on billboards in Times Square.

Other fans have responded with a meme about the Times Square takeover.

The Pikmin community is known for their unique sense of humor, and with the imminent release of Pikmin 4, they’ve finally found their place. The long-awaited sequel was finally announced at the Nintendo Direct last September.

Aside from being the first Pikmin game to be released on Nintendo’s hybrid console, this is where players Create your own playable character. In our Pikmin 4 preview, we said the game “tweaks its formula into a fresh, fun, yet familiar experience.” Just don’t expect a twisted Olimar…probably.

Pikmin 4 will be released on Nintendo Switch on July 21st.

Taylor is a reporter for IGN. You can follow her on her Twitter @TayNixster.

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