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PlayStation Reveals 5 Japanese-Developed Launch Games for PS VR2

Sony has announced five Japanese-developed games, including Onogoro’s Story and Fantasvision 202X, coming to PlayStation VR2 at launch.

revealed in playstation blog“Onogoro no Monogatari” is a cooperative action game in which the player joins forces with Haru, a shrine maiden, to embark on a journey to stop five people who are out of control. Kami who lives on Onogori Island. Teamwork is essential as players must solve mysteries and battle Hal while sharing their health.

Fantavision 202X is a remake of the original PlayStation 2 game that brings bright and colorful fireworks-themed puzzles to life in virtual reality. Also coming on launch day is Altair Breaker, a massively multiplayer sword-fighting action game. As you might have guessed, it puts the player in control of a swordfighting master cutting through an army of killing machines.

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