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PlayStation VR 2: Oculus Founder ‘Blown Away’ by Sony’s New Headset

Oculus founder Palmer Luckey has revealed that he was “blown away” by Sony’s upcoming VR headset, the PlayStation VR 2.

Responding to a tweet from PlayStation Indies head Shuhei Yoshida (below), Luckey said he recently had the chance to try out the new headset and has high hopes for its future.

“The first PSVR was definitely the biggest success of the generation. [and] This version is even better. ”

Not only does the PlayStation VR 2 come out seven years later, but it also includes new VR-only controllers, so it looks like it’s going to be a major upgrade over the original headset.

Tech upgrades have naturally resulted in higher prices, but while the original PSVR was the best ‘budget’ headset on the market, Sony’s latest price tag is $549.99, and the much needed PlayStation 5 console itself. $50 more than that.

The Horizon: Call of the Mountain bundle will also be available on February 22nd for an additional $50, but users can also purchase it separately alongside other 20s launch games.

This is the only official PS VR2 bundle confirmed so far, but Sony has also announced a $49.99 controller charging station as an optional accessory.

Details about the software available at launch are still a bit hazy, with Sony announcing several games coming to PS VR2, including Ghostbusters VR and Resident Evil Village, but most with a vague release window of 2023. It remains.

Other games announced for the platform include Crossfire: Sierra Squad, The Light Brigade, Cities VR – Enhanced Edition, Cosmonious High, Hello Neighbor: Search and Rescue, Jurassic World Aftermath Collection, Pistol Whip VR, Zenith: The Last City, After the Fall, etc. , tentacular, etc.

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