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PSA: Diablo 4 Releases Today, and Servers Could Get Rocky

Diablo 4 was officially released today. If you’re going to give it a try, you should be prepared for the game’s servers to be a little unstable.

Shared by IGN’s sister site, User-reported outages It’s a game server issue, but these issues aren’t exactly new. Players have been reporting issues with Diablo 4 since its Early Access release five days ago. PlayStation 5 players who pre-ordered the $90 Digital Deluxe Edition or the $100 Ultimate Edition reported being locked out with an “invalid license” error the day after the early access release.

Players were having widespread login issues last night as well, Blizzard said in a tweet this morning: It means those issues are resolved.

Server issues didn’t stop Diablo 4 from being an explosive hit, as Blizzard confirmed it was the fastest-selling game of all time. They also noted that Diablo 4 players have reached 93 million hours played, but Blizzard didn’t specify sales numbers.

A review of Diablo 4 that gave it a 9/10 stated that Diablo 4 was “a fantastic sequel with a near-perfect endgame and progression design that is absolutely addictive.”

Of course, if you’re having no server issues with Diablo 4 today and want to track your progress as you play, check out our interactive Diablo 4 map.

Taylor is a reporter for IGN. You can follow her on her Twitter @TayNixster.

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