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Reality-Shifting Puzzle Game Viewfinder Hits PS5 in July, Demo Out Now

Sad Owl Studios has announced that reality-bending puzzle game Viewfinder will launch as a PS5 console exclusive on July 18th.

PS5 owners can now download the demo from the PlayStation Store. This will help us understand the nuances of gameplay mechanics ahead of Viewfinder’s full release. After that, the demo will be available permanently.

At the time of writing this article, the price has not been confirmed, and the official release date for the PC version has not yet been announced.

To progress through Viewfinder’s story, players must reconstruct the game’s digital world by manipulating and arranging artwork, found objects, and photographs taken with the in-game camera. This is where the title Viewfinder comes from.

2D images, such as room sketches and bridge photographs, take on a 3D aspect as soon as they are set in place, allowing players to explore the viewfinder’s compact narrative while creating an MC Escher-esque world of their own. can be created in .

Thankfully, Sad Owl Studios has a built-in VHS-style rewind feature that allows players to make their way into reality dead ends or the all-important teleporter, as highlighted in the new gameplay trailer. can be explored with impunity without fear of being deleted or deleted. .

“We wanted to encourage experimentation and take away the fear of failure,” writes Sad Owl Studios Director Gwen Foster. PlayStation Blog Post Announcing the release date of the game. “Now, if you run into something game-breaking, you can rewind time and start over.”

“It is very important that people play the game at their own pace and discover things in their own way. is not.”

Be sure to turn to IGN for more Viewfinder content leading up to launch.

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