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Redfall: Exclusive New Look at Layla’s Backstory and Abilities | IGN First

Layla was there when Redfall was plunged into darkness by the vampire scourge now engulfing the island. In the new character trailer above, you can see where Layla’s battle with vampires began.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, Layla’s ultimate ability is to summon her vampire ex-boyfriend to help destroy the enemy in front of her. is. Layla’s kit includes:

  • Force 1: Umbrella – Summon a Psychic Umbrella to block enemy and friendly projectiles.
  • Force 2: Lift – Summons a psychic lift that launches you into the air.
  • Ultimate Ability: Vampire Ex-Boyfriend – Call your ex-boyfriend, Jason, who happens to be a vampire.

Early concept art from Layla.

Layla’s powers allow her to take on almost any role on the team.When we played Redfall in the single-player event in March, Layla’s mobility, Lift, was especially useful, allowing her to get up high, sneak across rooftops, and 1 I realized that I could fend off engagements that might have been difficult for humans. Although there is fall damage, Laylaz did not suffer from high falls from her lift.

Arkane’s devs have confirmed that each character in Redfall has their own unique move advantage, though two of them may not be obvious at first. It will continue through April, so I’ll explain more later. In the meantime, check out IGN’s Redfall single-player preview to see what you can expect from Arkane’s open-world co-op shooter.

Concept art of the four main characters from Redfall.

Concept art of the four main characters from Redfall.

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