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Resident Evil Village Shrank Lady Dimitrescu For Her Multiplayer Debut

Lady Dimitrescu will be playable in the upcoming Mercenary Mode of the Resident Evil Village expansion. Still, in order to make her playable, Capcom’s developers had to do a few tricks, such as shrinking her down just a tiny bit.

in an interview with polygonKento Kinoshita, expansion director for Resident Evil Village Winters, revealed that the team wanted to keep Lady Dimitrescu’s core attributes when turning her into a playable character, namely her height. .

She’s taller than any other character in Mercenaries mode, but she’s been shrunk down from her standard 9ft 6in height.

“Mrs. Dimitrescu’s height posed a lot of challenges during development, but in the end we were able to implement her with an enormous stature, taller than any other character,” said Kinoshita. clarified.

“For The Mercenaries, we wanted players to be able to easily control their characters, and to do that, we adjusted their height to just under nine feet.” Kinoshita says.

Mercenary Mode, a long-time favorite bonus game in the Resident Evil series, lets you play as different Resident Evil characters in a high-scoring time trial mode. Alongside Dimitrisk, players can also choose between Heisenberg or Chris Redfield.

Also, each character has unique abilities. Along with Dimitrescu’s size, she can throw furniture at enemies, while Heisenberg can use his magnetic powers as a close-range attack.

The Winters Expansion will be released on October 27th. Alongside The Mercenaries, the expansion adds a third-person mode and a new story DLC Shadows of Rose. For our thoughts on the latest Resident Evil game before the expansion releases, check out IGN’s Resident Evil Village review.

Matt TM Kim is IGN’s News can contact him @lawoftd.

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