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Russian Newspaper Reports 40% Failure Rate for Chinese Microchips

A Russian tech company has noticed something strange about a shipment of chips it received from a Chinese manufacturer. Kommersant (opens in new tab)a Russian daily newspaper devoted to politics and business, translated and reported register (opens in new tab)up to 40% of chips in China are found to be defective.

(Image credit: Office of the President of the Russian Federation,

This represented a 1,900% increase in the failure rate, and while we couldn’t suggest that the two were related, Kommersant noted that the failure rate was 2% before the invasion of Ukraine. I’m here. The newspaper, which is privately owned by pro-Putin billionaire Alisher Usmanov (above) and published its first issue in January 1990, cited an anonymous source in its article, citing the Covid-19 pandemic and the recent of economic sanctions. It was imposed on Russia for compromising supply chains and forcing Russia to import gray market semiconductors in the first place.

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