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Score an Xbox Series S for Under $200 With This Cyber Monday Deal

Cyber ​​Monday deals have started. This is the best deal we’ve seen on an Xbox Series S console so far.The Xbox Series S dropped to $239.99 on Black Friday. we were wrong Currently, Amazon offers the Xbox Series S Holiday console for $239.99. However, when you enter the coupon code, “Xbox“At checkout (which may be automatically applied), you’ll also get free $40 Amazon credits. Amazon credits are basically as good as cash, which means you can spend $199.99 on this current-gen console. means that you are paying for

Xbox Series S is $239.99 + $40 Amazon credit

Code used: XBOX

Xbox Series S Holiday Console + $40 Bonus Amazon credit

Use promo code “XBOX”

20% off $299.99

The Xbox Series S is typically $200 cheaper than the Xbox Series X, but you can play all the same games. Without the power of the Series X, games are displayed at 1440p resolution instead of his 4K in order to maintain the consistent 60fps-120fps graphics seen in most games. If you don’t have a 4K TV, or if you think your $200 would be better spent elsewhere (he’s $300 in this case), buying an Xbox Series S might be wiser.

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