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Shigeru Miyamoto Explains Why He Thinks the Pikmin Games Don’t Sell Well

Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto recently spoke about why Pikmin isn’t selling well.

Between Interview with the developers of the latest Nintendo interview seriesMiyamoto, the creator of Pikmin, wondered why the game didn’t explode in sales compared to other Nintendo works such as Mario Kart and Pokemon. “There have been three games in the series so far, from ‘Pikmin’ to ‘Pikmin 3,'” explained Miyamoto.[A]Personally, I always wondered, “If it’s so much fun to play, why aren’t more sales exploding?” “Why do people find themselves so difficult?”

Interviewers have suggested that the drop in sales may have something to do with the game’s difficulty, especially when Pikmin can die. While Miyamoto explains that difficulty is part of the series’ identity, he suggests that there are two reasons why people find Pikmin difficult. It is operability and “depth of game play”. He added that when developing Pikmin 4, the team had to find the right balance to keep the core of the series intact while appealing to a wider audience.

Miyamoto said, “We’ve been talking about wanting as many people as possible to play ‘Pikmin 4’, but if it doesn’t feel like Pikmin, we won’t be able to live up to the expectations of those who have enjoyed the series so far. ” explained. “While the first game offered a deeper challenge, the second game was broader in terms of content and returned closer to the first game of Pikmin 3. But when you think about it, both We realized we could do it: we could provide feature support to address the challenges around controls while still maintaining the gameplay depth that makes Pikmin so interesting.”

In a review of Pikmin 4 that gave it a score of 9 out of 10, colleague Jada Griffin said: “Pikmin 4 adds variety to the series’ traditional gameplay by offering options beyond the traditional grab-and-throw method. Top-level additional help is provided after the credits roll.”

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