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Silent Hill f Revealed as a New Game Set in 1960s Japan

As part of today’s Silent Hill launch festival, Konami announced Silent Hill f, a new story set in 1960s Japan.

Described as a juxtaposition of “beautiful yet terrifying” worlds, Silent Hill f is written by Ryukishi07, a Japanese visual novel author acclaimed for his Higurashi and Umineko series.

The atmospheric trailer shows a scenic yet ominous Japanese town, engulfed by some kind of fungus.

Ryukishi 07 is a perfect writer for the new Silent Hill game, having tackled a story that relies heavily on psychological and supernatural horror. The setting is also unique to the series, given that Silent Hill is an American town. However, a spin-off could expand on the series’ lore.

The game is also being developed by Neobard, a Chinese studio that has helped develop Capcom’s latest games such as Resident Evil Re:Verse. The series’ producer is Motoi Okamoto, a Nintendo veteran of the likes of Luigi’s Mansion and Pikmin.

It’s unclear what the “f” in the title stands for, but this is shaping up to be a pretty exciting start for the series.

As part of Silent Hill Transmission, Konami has announced several new projects, including a complete remake of Silent Hill 2 and multiple spin-offs.

For all the news announced at Transmission today, check out IGN’s Silent Hill roundup.

Matt TM Kim is IGN’s News can contact him @lawoftd.

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