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Soon You’ll Be Able To Buy Your Own 9 GHz Record Breaking LN2 Pot

According to a report from Hardware Luxx, Raptor Lake’s 9GHz world record was achieved using a new LN2 pot named Volcano. emo lab for $250.

Developed by overclockers ShaggySVK, the Volcano supports not only liquid nitrogen, but a combination of liquid nitrogen (LN2) and liquid helium cooling. The pot itself features a 83.1mm matte black finished vessel and a full copper core on the bottom. It supports almost all CPU sockets from Intel and AMD, from AM2 to AM5, from LGA 775 to LGA 20xx sockets on Intel’s HEDT chips. I don’t have all the dimensions of the pot itself, but it’s about 100mm or 120mm high tower cooler height.

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