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Daily Deals: Buy One Board Game, Get One 50% Off at Amazon

Looking for board game cabinet inventory? Brought to you by Amazon Buy one, get another 50% off Some board game promotions. The quality of deals varies. Some board games are cheaper than Black Friday after discounts, while others are significantly more expensive. Below, we’ve picked the best board games that we think are worth getting.


Wingspan by Stonemeier Games is an incredible board game. So good, in fact, that it was considered the best board game of 2019. Wingspan looks like a deceptively simple game. The ultimate goal is to attract as many birds as possible to the wildlife sanctuary to help them breed. There are only four actions you can take: draw a bird card, play a bird card, get food, and lay an egg. Sounds easy, right? Let’s say these four actions mask an incredibly complex (and very beginner-friendly) engine-building game. In this game, you have to juggle between bringing new birds into your nest and keeping your existing birds well stocked and in breeding frenzy. Wingspan is infinitely replayable, and you’ll find yourself developing and honing new strategies on every subsequent playthrough.

Groomhaven: Lion’s Jaws

Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion Board Game

Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion is Celopahir Games’ follow-up release of the hugely successful Gloomhaven board game. The original He offers a gameplay experience similar to Gloomhaven, but condensed to make the game more accessible to casual players. This means a simpler rule set, more developed tutorials, and fewer overall pieces on the board. We continue to play co-op campaigns focused on tactical combat and RPG-style character building.

Azure: Stained Glass of Sintra

Azure: Stained Glass of Sintra

We’ve seen the original Azure go on sale quite often, but not Azure: Cintra’s Stained Glass Board Game. It’s a rare board game. Instead, Azul players compete to design the most beautiful stained glass windows possible. You and your opponent claim tiles from the Central Market and place them on your board. If you play smart, you can create intricate patterns to earn extra points for yourself while sabotaging your opponents.

Marvel Dice Throne 4 Hero Box

Marvel Dice Throne 4 Hero Box

Not eligible for BOGO 50%

Marvel Dice Throne 4 Heroes box

This game isn’t actually eligible for BOGO’s 50% off promotion, but it’s cheaper now than it was on Black Friday, so it’s worth mentioning. If you’ve played Dice Throne S1 or S2, you’re familiar with the Marvel variant. This is a popular dice game that is highly rated by the board game community. The core set allows up to four players to choose one of his four Marvel superheroes: Miles Morales Spider-Man, Thor, Loki, and Scarlet Witch. While this is the heart of the dice game, most of Gamply uses cards to deal damage, enhance abilities, and apply status effects to your opponent. The last standing hero wins.

Dice Throne goes another 9 yards by creating a unique set of dice and cards for each hero. If you need even more variety, you can expand your roster to a total of 8 Super Heroes (the same amount as the Kickstarter Limited Edition), including two 2 Hero Boxes. captain marvel and black panther Also Doctor Strange and Black Widow.

Other board games on sale

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