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Spellbreak Developer to be Acquired By Blizzard to Work on World of Warcraft, Spellbreak to Shut Down

Spellbreak developer Proletariat seems to have been acquired by Blizzard to work on the World of Warcraft. As a result, the wizard-based battle royale will be shut down.

proletariat Announced closure Of the spellbreak before yesterday (June 28th) VentureBeat It was later reported that the studio and its 100 staff were planned to be acquired by Blizzard. The team, which has reportedly been working with Blizzard since May, will focus on World of Warcraft and its upcoming Dragonflight extensions.

The specific terms of the acquisition that will enable Blizzard to meet its long-term MMO quality and timing goals have not yet been revealed.

In a statement released yesterday, Proletariat thanked millions of people who have played Spellbreak since it was released in Early Access. “We thank everyone in the gaming community for exploring the magical world and experience we created together,” he said.

The game was officially released in August 2020 and was well received overall, eventually ranking in the top 10 list of IGN’s battle royale games. In an 8/10 review, “Spellbreak is a refreshing burst of magical fresh air for the battle royale genre, thanks to its captivating combat and flashy style, but there’s room for improvement on the map. I have.”

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