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Spider-Man 2 PS5 and DualSense Controller Revealed at SDCC, Available for Pre-Order Next Week

A new Spider-Man-themed PS5 and DualSense controller have been revealed to work with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and were shown off today at a panel at SDCC.

At the venue, attendees looked directly at the PS5 and the controller from a distance, and both looked absolutely stunning. fell shortly after Flaunt the glory of both. The PS5 is black with a red splash in the bottom corner and a white Spider-Man logo that appears to circle around. The controller looks almost completely “taken over”, missing the logo in the middle and the red color on the right. The two items will be sold as a bundle containing a digital copy of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 redeemable on October 20th.

Both items will be available for pre-order next Friday and will be available on September 1st of this year, ahead of the game’s release. Good news for those who don’t want to buy a completely new PS5 for him. Because the console covers (both his regular PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition) and DualSense will be sold separately.

Keep an eye on IGN for more on San Diego Comic-Con, including the rest of the Spider-Man 2 panel. We’ve compiled everything that was announced here.

Rebekah Valentine is IGN’s Senior Reporter. you can find her on her twitter @duck valentine.

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