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Splatoon 3 Will Offer Bonuses To Players Who Import Their Splatoon 2 Saves

Splatoon 2 players eager for the release of Splatoon 3 on Nintendo Switch will be rewarded with tons of bonuses to speed up their gameplay progression.

a blog post Nintendo’s website has revealed that players who have their Splatoon 2 save data on their Nintendo Switch will get a somewhat head start on the new game.

The three main weapons can be unlocked immediately without having to wait until reaching a certain level. This means players can continue to battle their Splatoon 2 favorites without having to rank up a ton first.

Battles of Anarchy – Splatoon 3’s new ranked mode – will also be available from the start, with players in all modes pitting against players who share a similar skill level in Splatoon 2. Nintendo also states that these players will start the game at a higher level. It is ranked according to its rank in the second game, but it is not specified whether the levels match exactly, whether the player is given some bonus to his rank, or anything else. did.

“5 out of 5 Squid Research Lab scientists recommend transferring data from Splatoon 2,” the post said.

All of these features will eventually be available to all-new Splatoon players, but Nintendo’s intention is to give veteran players a quick return to the competitive action they experienced five years ago with Splatoon 2. It seems that

This system also prevents these veteran players from matchmaking with new players. That means there should be a more level playing field for everyone involved when Splatoon 3 releases on his September 9th.

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