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Squirrel With a Gun Is an Upcoming Steam Game Built in Unreal Engine 5 About a Squirrel With… Well… a Gun

Squirrel With a Gun, an upcoming Steam game built with Unreal Engine 5, took the internet by storm with the introduction of a squirrel with a gun.

Squirrel with a gun is developed by Dan Dientremont Early footage from the game also shows a squirrel with a regular-sized gun running through town, chasing unsuspecting people and using a variety of weapons to take down agents.

The game also allows you to dodge attacks and disarm your enemies, take advantage of your gun’s recoil to fly through the air, and even cross large gaps that your squirrel skills alone can’t cross. If you like pranks, you can steal phones, cakes, and more from your neighbors.

Squirrel with a Gun First Trailer It also shows what looks like adorable hats and accessories that you can put on your furry friend with a gun, as well as puzzles in a secret lab.

The animal video game genre that brings chaos to the world has a new contender, one that could one day join the likes of Untitled Goose Game and Goat Simulator. when is that day? DeEntremont is now in the game steam page That Squirrel With a Gun’s planned release date is “Good question!” This means we may still have some time before we become this legendary rodent.

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