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Stadia Controller Bluetooth Update Will Allow it to Live on After Stadia is Gone

Google is shutting down Stadia tomorrow.But just before that, the company expanded new support tool This allows Stadia controller owners to use it as a Bluetooth controller. This means that the controller is not completely useless after the cloud gaming service is shut down.

Once installed, it will disable the proprietary Wi-Fi connection previously used by the Stadia Controller and allow it to connect to compatible devices. Bluetooth low energy (Bluetooth LE). Once the update is installed, you can pair your controller to a supported Bluetooth LE device by pressing the Stadia and Y buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds until the status light shows a blinking orange color.

However, this update Permanently disable the controller’s Wi-Fi connectionSo if you want to get one last game on Stadia before the service shuts down tomorrow, hold off on updating your controller.

interesting information about Stadia Controller Support Page Please note that the Bluetooth Support Tool is available for a limited time. Specifically, after Stadia officially shut down on his January 18th, Stadia controller users will have “by December 31st, 2023 to update their controllers to be able to use Bluetooth mode.” Read that there is

Google’s rollout of Bluetooth support tools to extend the life of Stadia controllers is a good move to reduce e-waste. Previously, YouTube creators pointed out alternative uses for controllers outside of the Stadia Cloud game service. late stage techthanks to anyone who owns a gamepad (or wired controller) wireless pro.

This Android app allows your Android device to act as a wired controller transmitter, sending wireless signals to your PC. There were indeed many loopholes, so Google announced last week Release of Bluetooth support tools for controllers will work around this issue.

Alongside the rollout of Bluetooth support tools, Google released one final game on the platform. Since announcing Stadia’s closure last September, Google has said it has refunded “all Stadia hardware purchased through the Google Store and all games and add-on content purchased through the Stadia Store.”

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