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Street Fighter 6 Sales Hit 2 Million, Rashid Gameplay Revealed

Capcom has announced that sales of Street Fighter 6 have increased to 2 million units in just one month.

Street Fighter 6 got off to a strong start, selling 1 million units in its launch weekend. Cumulative sales of the “Street Fighter” series have now surpassed 50 million units.

Capcom said single-player features such as the World Tour story mode and new modern control types were designed to appeal to a wide range of players and contributed to Street Fighter 6’s sales success.

IGN’s review of Street Fighter 6 returned a 9/10. we said: “Street Fighter 6 is the most feature-rich Street Fighter launch to date, but beyond that, the 18-character roster is fantastic, and the new mechanics liven up the 1v1 fighting formula, making for an excellent experience. All the little things that make for a great fighting game are perfectly captured.”

Street Fighter 6 still has a long way to go before it surpasses Street Fighter 5 in sales. The game has sold over seven million copies in seven years since its release in February 2016. In May, Capcom COO Haruhiro Tsujimoto said the company was aiming to sell 10 million copies of Street Fighter 6.

Capcom said it will aim for further sales growth by promoting the esports of “Street Fighter 6”. Street Fighter 6 will be the star of his upcoming Evo tournament, and will be the focus of Capcom Pro Tour 2023 for a record-breaking $1 million first prize.

The sale announcement comes along with the premiere of Rashid, a new DLC character for Street Fighter 6, due to be released on July 24th through the $29.99 Year 1 Character Pass. This includes the aforementioned Rasheed, AKI, Ed and Akuma.

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