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Summoners War RELOADED: A Massive Update is Coming to Summoners War: Sky Arena

Fans of Com2uS’ hit tactical fantasy RPG, Summoners War, after nine years of celebrating success, know that Com2uS has no intention of slowing down. From amazing anniversary rewards for players to in-game events and even a collaboration with Assassin’s Creed, Summoners War gave players plenty of reasons to return to the world they love. The latest showcase will be held on June 23rd, Summoners War Reloaded, they announced another massive set of updates! Read all the latest news.

A lot of content was announced at the Summoners War RELOADED showcase. New players can spend hours discovering content, but returning Summoners have more than enough to keep them hooked.

new spiritual realm Kairos Dungeon, Added. This new dungeon will have the same difficulty setting as the existing Cairos dungeon, but will drop Runes of Fight, Enhance, Accuracy, Determination, and Forbearance that previously only dropped in Rift Worlds.Newly added ones will also be removed seal rune, the second set of runes. For existing giant dungeons, Abyss floor has been added. The existing dungeon will be changed from 12 floors to 10 floors, and 2 new floors will be added. The Abyss floor is seasonal, so multiple monsters cannot appear. The 6 Star Runes return to his 10th floor of the dungeon, but new rune sets only drop on the Abyss floor. Dive into the Necropolis in July, the Spiritual Realm in August, the Steel Fortress in September, and the Punisher’s Crypt in December.

Introducing two new monsters to join the fray: Indra and Asura! Today we’ll be focusing on two of the ten new variations: Wind Indra and Water Asura. Wind Indra is a 5-star that specializes in wind and lightning attacks that debuff enemies, and Water Asura is a 4-star that gradually increases attack power each time it hits an enemy. If you like reading about them, know that both monsters appear with every attribute. In other words, we can expect Asura of Light and Indra of Darkness. For more information, you can check out all the skills and specs of the new monsters in-game.

Added two new rune sets with different effects and ways to affect gameplay.of intangible rune A player can complete a rune set by filling one empty slot, giving the player all the effects of the complete rune set. It doesn’t replace multiple runes in one set, but it’s still a powerful tool if used judiciously.

Com2uS has proven to be a team that not only listens to the community, but also acts on the feedback it receives. They’ve listened to feedback and are working to get rid of many of the inefficient and outdated systems that have been in use over the past nine years. Instead, we have refined and simplified these systems.

Experienced players will notice a rearrangement of the in-game loot areas. This feature simplifies the process and allows players to focus on farming instead of frequently switching between dungeons. Rune enhancements have also been simplified, allowing players to acquire his nat6 runes through rune combinations as well as farming.

Yet another improvement is an update to the combat system. Unify the addition of additional turns and the condition of the attack gauge. Previously, players could be postponed for an extra turn in some combat situations. This improvement ensures that all skills that give extra turns are the same globally. they again,”absorption” deals with the effect of the attack gauge. At present, regardless of the remaining amount of the attack gauge, if you absorb any percentage of the gauge, it will increase by that amount. Even if the monster only has 10% of her health left, the player who uses the Drain effect to take 50% of his health will get the full amount. Other changes include:overwhelming hit song‘ attribute advantage attack has been removed. Also rearranged the effects of the rune set of despair with multi-hit skills.

In addition to the aforementioned game features, one of the notable highlights of last weekend’s showcase was the announcement of the winners of a fan art event celebrating Summoners War’s 9th anniversary. The grand prize winner will receive a special edition artbook signed by the Summoners War artist.

Com2uS also hosted an extensive Q&A time with key members of the team to answer the most pressing questions from players. The team spent a good amount of time during the presentation listening to and addressing feedback from the fan base. That seems to be one of the reasons why Summoners War still has an active community nine years after its original release.

With new dungeons, new monsters, new features added directly based on player feedback, and tons of other additions, Summoners War fans have a lot of content to explore. If you’re looking for an immersive new tactical RPG or a lifelong summoner looking for new adventures, Summoners war: Sky arena Did you cover it!

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