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Team Fortress 2 Just Smashed Its All-Time Concurrent Player Record Following Major Summer Update

Valve’s 16-year-old multiplayer shooter Team Fortress 2 broke all-time Steam concurrent player records after releasing a major summer update.

Team Fortress 2 is currently being enjoyed by 247,449 concurrent players and is the third most played on the platform, behind Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (925,156) and Dota 2 (468,947), according to the engagement tracking website. It has become a game. SteamDB.

This week’s numbers, which are still on the rise as of this writing, dwarf Team Fortress 2’s concurrent player record of 167,951 set in December 2022. The recent surge of interest coincides with the release of his major summer update earlier this week. A wave of new content and tweaks to the game.

Earlier this year, Valve announced it had big plans for this summer’s update and called on Steam Workshop creators to submit their work for inclusion in the product.

Released on July 12th, this update added 14 new community maps to the cult title, new taunts, war paints, stability improvements, tweaks to existing levels, and many other improvements. rice field.

Team Fortress 2 has suffered quite a few ups and downs throughout its lifetime, including a lingering bot problem that prompted the community to band together and call on developer Valve to save the game. This campaign led to Valve publicly acknowledging the issue and the developer has since released numerous updates and fixes. Team Fortress 2 currently has a 93% positive rating in over 8,600 Steam reviews posted in the last 30 days.

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