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The 12 Best Games to Play on Your Chromebook in 2022

Your Chromebook is capable of far beyond its reputation. While it’s true that you need an internet connection to take advantage of some of Chromebook’s best features, you can still use it for gaming when you’re offline.

this is not a laptop When it comes to processing power, Chromebooks can easily keep up with some of this year’s most popular games. good chromebooks Shop our picks for the best Chromebook games you can play right now.

stardew valley

stardew valley is an iconic indie farming simulator packed with nostalgic imagery and relaxing tasks. It can be stressful to mine enough ore before you go to sleep at 2am, but Stardew Valley is clearly designed for low-pressure games. That said, once you’ve started your farm, you’ll be constantly checking your Chromebooks to advance your game. The game downloads directly to his Chromebook so he can play offline.

If you have internet connection, in us is one of the best choices for gaming on your Chromebook. Uncover the identity of the impersonator (or avoid crew members who suspect you are the impersonator) as you and your teammates repair the escape vehicle (the ruined starship). Supportive, engaging, and very fast-paced.


Terraria is an engaging and original game that blends the creativity and buildable nature of games like Minecraft with the puzzle and nostalgia of dungeon crawlers and platformers. In a world where everything is destructible and many of those components combine to create different weapons, you’ll quickly find yourself racking your brains over techno beats and enjoying the immersive gameplay. prize.

Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey It shines on touchscreen Chromebooks, especially if it’s a two-in-one. Put your Chromebook in tablet mode and dive into this stunning downhill runner. As you ski down the hill, you’ll come across endless obstacles that could lead you to an end or a long jump past a pretty sunset.


Spelunky It changed the game for platformers when it was released almost a decade ago, but it’s still well worth playing on your Chromebook (and right there in your browser!). Set in a damp dungeon, this platformer has numerous randomized levels where you need to loot as many items as possible before moving on to the next level. You’ll find yourself playing the original over and over again, but you’ll have to use a console or PC to play it. Spelunky 2.

fallout shelter

Keep your post-apocalyptic crew alive in this looping simulation game inspired by the challenges encountered in Fallout. In this (much smaller) game, new residents and enemies pose a threat to survival, so assign residents to keep the bunker could play fallout shelter Forever, but it will take a while before your bunker lasts long enough to thrive.

Asphalt 9: Legend

You will be very impressed with your Chromebook when you see how well it handles. Asphalt 9: Legend, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, and many other vehicles made by drooling car manufacturers in the real world. Get behind the wheel in this realistic racing game that shines on his touchscreen Chromebook.


If you’re looking for a digital card game that’s always open on your Chromebook, hearthstone probably the best one. The game is very popular due to the vast world built using beautiful cards and intricate turns. Hearthstone is like Magic: The Gathering, with both gameplay and hordes of obsessive players who know everything about the fantasy world it’s set in. Did I mention it’s free to play?

Mujirushi Ryohin

Mujirushi Ryohin It mixes the gripping mystery of a time travel platformer with the heartbreaking heartbreak and feeling of being a teenager. Set on an island with all sorts of strange spatio-temporal activity going on, the game records your decisions to determine what happens next. Or what happened before. Or what is happening in another reality.


After years of Chromebook users struggling to play roblox The game is finally available on the Play Store for their devices. Roblox is probably the most popular user-generated game, allowing kids younger than you to design beautiful worlds and spend hours exploring them. You can also.

Fraud 2

Embody your favorite superheroes Fraud 2, a massively multiplayer fighting game set in the DC Universe. Play as one of dozens of classic He characters like Batman, Catwoman, Harley He Quinn, Wonder Woman, or Black His Canary, Doctor He’s Fate, Poison He’s Ivy, and more from new characters Choose and play. Don’t forget to pick up costumes scattered throughout the game to customize your character.

genshin impact

Genshin Impact is one of the best mobile games you can play right now. With a vast open world, consistent updates, and fun combat-filled gameplay, it’s definitely worth downloading to your Chromebook. However, not all Chromebooks can run this game, so list of devices Ability to run Android apps.

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