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The Callisto Protocol’s Steam Reviews Suffer Following Reports of Poor Performance

Callisto Protocol’s Steam review suffers as multiple users report framerate stuttering on PC.

As reported by PC gamergame steam page Currently, only 29% of the 2,840 reviews are positive, with the majority being negative.

The Callisto Protocol is described as follows: 1 user in the meantime another Comments: “It’s pretty hard to get immersed in because the game drops every time you turn a corner.”

Some of these users claimed to be running The Callisto Protocol on their high-end graphics cards, including the RTX 3080, and even then their frame rates would drop drastically on a regular basis.

“Right now, on the 3080 with ray tracing turned off, I can’t even walk around an open area and turn a corner without stuttering.” another user“Performance is not good at all right now.”

Callisto Protocol was also released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and Xbox One on December 2nd. However, only the PC version of him has framerate issues so far, and even that doesn’t seem to affect all users.

IGN said in their 7/10 review:

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