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The Xbox Showcase + Starfield Direct Could Be the Start of a Long Xbox Winning Streak

Ah, I miss Confident Microsoft. Remember: It bravely entered the console industry over 20 years ago, and has since been almost evenly matched with the PlayStation 3 thanks to the Xbox 360, known as the perfect console at perfect timing. It’s the technology company’s version. . Thanks to well-documented and repeated missteps in the Xbox One era, Microsoft has spent much of the past decade playing defensive postures, backing down, and frequently apologizing to customers for its failures. . Even the start of the Xbox series generation was accompanied by a supply chain nightmare and a 2022 that snatches the momentum his promising 2021 built to the last minute. Then there was Redfall, but let’s stop poking at those scabs, shall we?

Instead, it’s time to celebrate the return of Confident Microsoft, which was on full display in last week’s Xbox Showcase/Starfield Direct double feature (unofficial poll). my twitter indicates that most people agree with that assessment). First Party His publisher is poised to extend its winning streak and got off to a great start by launching his clear chicken across the screen in his preview of his highly anticipated Fable gameplay sneak. This definitely made it clear that Playground Games’ wizards weren’t. It only has its own definitive take on this beloved series (I was really blown away by the Jack and the Beanstalk-esque twist), but it’s just that the ForzaTech engine can render more than just cars in stunningly beautiful ways. . This reboot has the potential to make Fable bigger than ever, and it says something.

In fact, Microsoft went three-for-three at the start of the show, eventually announcing Compulsion’s new installment as the third-person action-adventure South of Midnight, and then Massive’s long-awaited third-person open-world open-world Star Wars. ” has been delivered the movie trailer debut. Game, subtitle “Outlaw”. And they’ve seen over the past few years, like “All games you see here are coming to Game Pass” and “All games you see here will be released in the next 12 months.” We did it without using any gimmicks. They effectively just said: And many of them are actually slated for release sooner or later, which is why the “streak” mentioned in the headline of this article.

If you love role-playing games, there’s no better gaming ecosystem than Xbox.

Starfield is going to be huge. A dedicated 45-minute Direct conference captivated nearly every skeptic by showing off exactly what it’s capable of.I had to play it for an hour too (and I I told Todd Howard about it then), and, well, let me put it this way. It’s like No Man’s Sky 2 was built, but built on top of it is an entire next-gen Bethesda Game Studios RPG with no facades or shallow systems. From character creators to shipyards to skill trees to 1,000 planets to big cities to combat, it has it all and it all has depth. Like Skyrim and Fallout 4 before it, it will be played and enjoyed for years to come.

In fact, if you love role-playing games, there’s no better gaming ecosystem to join than Xbox. The next few years are packed with RPGs, with Starfield this year and Avowed next year, plus Fable, Clockwork Revolution, The Outer Worlds 2, and The Elder Screen VI are all in the pipeline.

The latter two weren’t in the showcase this time around, but in fact there are many more that we know are in the works, including Indiana Jones, Gears 6 and State of Indiana Jones. Having such a great conference without showing off any promising projects speaks to the strength of Xbox’s current portfolio. Decay 3, Perfect Dark, Everwild, id Software’s next installment, and more. For the time being, Starfield on September 6th, Forza Motorsport’s next-gen reboot on October 10th, and Avowed and Hellblade 2 next year. The Ukrainian-developed exclusive games “STALKER 2” and “Replaced” are also big games that we are looking forward to seeing them come to life. very brave development team Sometime later this year or next year, we can get them done. And once Microsoft’s Activision-Blizzard acquisition gets regulatory approval, the portfolio (and Game Pass) will be even stronger.

The point is that the era of defensive Microsoft may finally be over and make way for an exciting future and, more importantly, an exciting future for Xbox fans. the current. A little over two months until Starfield…

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