They Did Their Own ‘Research.’ Now What?

“There is this idea that the goal of science is consensus,” said Professor Carrion. “The model they brought was that we didn’t need consensus,” she said, saying that the women surveyed often use the singular rather than the plural. “It was that she had to study for herself,” said Professor Karion, not what we had to do. Unlike some important health exercises in the past, this was an individualistic endeavor.

Anti-vaccine rhetoric is a pure anti-expert form of DYOR. Medicine is a highly credible field that addresses life-threatening issues and, as it is practiced, expects a great deal of trust from patients. For example, warning medical professionals about the dangers of “researching for themselves” about vaccines is to preach to converts or demand trust that has already been lost.

One of the fascinating aspects of cryptocurrencies that replace traditional financial institutions is that their expertise is available to anyone who wants to claim it. Some have become rich, some are familiar with blockchain, and some believe in the liberation of digital currencies. Recently, there have been some institutional interests. But since no one has existed for a long time, the idea of ​​”researching” the path to prosperity becomes more credible.

Earlier this year, in a guest essay on DYOR and medicine in the New York Times, Nathan Ballantyne and David Dunning quoted a study that, like some experts, suggests that people unfamiliar with the subject are “vulnerable to arrogance.” Did. They warn that a phenomenon known as the “beginner’s bubble” is that “after a short exposure to the subject, you quickly become unfairly confident.”

In contrast to medicine, cryptocurrency transactions can represent purely DYOR number-Expert form. Virtually everyone is working in a beginner’s bubble, betting on each other in the hope of making money, whether or not everyone is worried about it.

In cryptocurrencies, the use of DYOR is diverse and contradictory, and can be serious and ironic in the same argument. The breathtaking sale of new coins is separated by “NFA / DYOR” (not financial advice), or a warning not to invest more than you can afford to lose. This is clearly ignored by many. The story about getting rich begins with DYOR. Requests for advice on which coins to hold can be answered with DYOR. It is a siren song of crypto investment.

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