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This Joystick Upgrade Kit Could Solve Your Joy-Con Drift Woes

If you’re a Nintendo Switch owner, you’ve probably heard of the infamous Joy-Con drift, an ongoing issue with Joy-Con’s signature controller for Nintendo’s hybrid console.

Thankfully, gaming peripheral maker GuliKit recently released a new joystick upgrade kit that not only allows you to replace your Joy-Con’s joysticks, but also advertises that you’ll never have to worry about your Joy-Cons drifting again.

as discovered by gizmodoThe GuliKit Whole Joystick comes with 2 replacement joysticks for your Joy-Con controllers. The company points out that the joystick is a Hall effect. What this means is that the joystick uses a magnetic system that doesn’t physically touch other parts inside the controller, which causes parts to wear out over time if used for extended periods of time.

Image: KulitKit

GuliKit has previously released their own third-party Pro controller in an attempt to work around this issue. King Kong Pro 2Other companies such as NYXI have recently announced new controllers similar to the Nintendo Wavebird, and they use Hall-effect joysticks, promising that third-party Joy-Cons won’t drift.

GuliKit Hall Joystick Kit Available for $30 at Amazonor if you own more than one Joy-Con, grab two pairs of joystickswhich will set you back about $70 (although at the time of writing, On sale for about $53).

Of course, if you plan to buy this, be aware that you’ll have to replace these joysticks manually. i will fixshows how to replace a Joy-Con joystick.

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