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‘Twas The Night Before Tom’s Christmas 2022

Editor’s Note: Tom’s Hardware staff published the first version of this poem at 2014 on Christmas Eve. It was updated little by little and reissued every year around the same time.the poem was completely overhauled 2018 Since then it has been rewritten every year with new stories and references. (See also version from. 2019, 2020, When 2021.) The 2022 version is below.

Thank you for your support and participation in 2022. Happy new year. Happy new year.

It was vacation time and the questions were:
all components cost Extremely?
But if Santa didn’t buy ready-made presents
He makes them himself with the help of elves.

And this has never been a tiptoe holiday season!
(Winter only For miners and crypto.)
Many of Santa’s best respects
Graphics card included.

so he ate fried chicken in gaming chair,
and everything is ready
build in his lair.
Santa climbed the North Pole spire
And I said, “It’s time to get the components to people!”

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