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Vampire Survivors Announced for iOS and Android

The popular roguelite Vampire Survivors is available for iOS and Android. The full game is available for free download now.

As announced at The Game Awards, the bullet hell hit Vampire Survivors is now available on iOS and Android, following one of the most popular games on Steam decks today, Xbox and Steam.

We’re big fans of Vampire Survivors 1.0, which released earlier this year and scored an 8 in our review. At the time, “Vampire Survivors, with its very simple graphics and basic map and enemy design, doesn’t seem like the business that would stick with me as much. Still, it forced me to play over 100 hours.” It felt like trying out many weapon and ability upgrade combinations, starting each round to reach the end, unlocking all characters, evolving all weapons, and unlocking all secrets. “

Vampire Survivors was also nominated for IGN’s Best Game of 2022.

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