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Vampire Survivors: Legacy of the Moonspell Is the Indie Hit’s First Major Expansion

Poncle has announced a new DLC for Vampire Survivors called Legacy of the Moonspell. Contains new stages, characters, and weapons available to players.

on the other hand, steam page No release date was given for the DLC, but it will reportedly be released December 15th, cost $1.99The brand new stage is called Mt. Moonspell and is the largest stage in the game to date, featuring a variety of environments including snow-covered mountains and haunted Yokai villages.

There are a total of eight new characters, four of which have already been revealed. Miang Moonspell is the last disciple of his Moonspell Clan, Menya Moonspell is one of his few surviving Moonspell Elders, and Syuuto Moonspell is an exiled New Moon dark magic practitioner. Babi-Onna has returned from the dead seeking vengeance on demons and mortals.

There are 13 types of new weapons, including the Orb Set of the Four Seasons, the Silver Wind Staff, and the Mirage Robe, a magical kimono impregnated with fragments of Babiona’s vengeful spirit.

Vampire Survivors launched new characters and stages as part of the 1.1 patch last month and released 1.0 in October.

IGN’s review of Vampire Survivors said:

Vampire Survivors is available on PC and Xbox and is also part of Xbox Game Pass.

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