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Watcher of Realms: Can Your Heroes Withstand Thousands of Enemies?

Realm Watcher is a next-generation fantasy RPG focused on collecting and upgrading heroes who will come out on the battlefield and fight for you. Over 100 unique heroes to collect across 8 factions and over 30 races, each with unique talents and skills, and each upgrade packs a whole new punch. Inexhaustible chaos rains down on the Envoy, and you’ll need to use your stronger and smarter soldiers to fight back even harder.

The Rot lurks deep within the world of Watcher of Realms. There, the tide of darkness destroys all mercy and justice. The Tides of Darkness are commanded by the Envoy, a living corruption that infests madness and aggression to “season” the world for an ancient world-burning god.

Evidence of the divine feast can be seen in the chaos that swept across the continent of Tia, including its capital, Akkadia. As Commander Aurion, a brave warrior who nevertheless falls, you make a final stand to protect Akkadia. You are resurrected by the Prophet to fight the Envoy and the Dark Tide. Your strange mask seems immune to corruption, but what else is it hiding…?

In addition to the classic campaign game mode, Watcher of Realms has two special game modes: Tide and Guild Boss. (Epic Dragon.) Tide is an intense challenge that puts you and your heroes against marches of thousands of enemies. Can you deploy your troops in such a way that you can defend the city with as few casualties as possible, or will you run out of stamina before the march is over? You have to think strategically to be successful. Pre-combat preparation and team composition are just as important as actions during combat. If a fighter misplaces at a critical chokepoint, he can end a long and bloody campaign with just one mistake. In Guild Bosses, work with fellow guild members to defeat giant dragons. You don’t necessarily have to be a lone general facing a wave of evil. Good leaders also know when to trust their team.

Whether individual heroes prefer to charge into the fray, step back and heal allies, or deal large amounts of damage with their entire range of magic attacks, they are invaluable in combat. is. Watcher of Realms offers challenging challenges, dungeons where you can loot valuable gear, and diverse biomes ranging from deserts to forests to mountains. The monsters you fight are terrifying and the lands you defend are magical thanks to Watcher of Realms’ sophisticated high-definition graphics.

Watcher of Realms offers heroes from eight factions including WatchGuard, Nightmare Council, The Cursed Cult, and Infernal Blast. Each faction brings its own page to the lore woven into Tya’s foundation. And when you need a break from saving the world, when you need a little break after a guild raid or tower defense, PvP is going to bleed.

Download Watcher of Realms if you think you’re fit to command a large army of soldiers in a long and bloody war. google play and the app store.Follow us on our social channels Facebook, discord, YouTube and reddit.

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