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Where to Preorder God of War: Ragnarok Jotnar Collector’s Edition in the UK

update: PS Direct UK currently has God of War Ragnarok: Collector’s Edition available at £179.99No sign of activity from Amazon or GAME yet.follow @IGNUKDeals for live updates.

God of War Ragnarok is released tomorrow. So this is a great time to order the game and make sure it arrives on the release date. The best way to do this right now is with Amazon Prime (Click here for a 30-day free trial).Not only that, the game £62.99 Nowwhich is £7 off the list price.

But when you combine that with the £10 Amazon + Mastercard offer, you get the best deal.Just add Mastercard to your account and Amazon will credit you £10 on your next order of £20 or more. . So do this, book God of War Ragnarok, Get it instead for just £52.99 (£17 off RRP overall).

God of War: Ragnarok Collector’s + Jotnar Edition Preorder UK

be sure to follow @IGNUKDeals For a live update when the Collector’s and Jotnar Editions are available again in the UK. October 27 at GAME.

Pre-order on Amazon (not live yet)

God of War Ragnarok – Jotnar Edition PS5/PS4

not live yet

God of War Ragnarok – Jotnar Edition PS5/PS4

    God of War Ragnarok – Collector's Edition PS5/PS4

not live yet

God of War Ragnarok – Collector’s Edition PS5/PS4

Reservations accepted on PS Direct (during delivery)

Currently accepting reservations at GAME (currently out of stock)

Pre-order God of War Ragnarok PS5 Bundle in the UK

PS5 Console – God of War Ragnarok Bundle

Prime members only

PS5 Console – God of War Ragnarok bundle

Release date: November 9th.

God of War: Ragnarok pre-order bonus

Those who pre-ordered God of War Ragnarok before launch will get the Launch Edition. This includes cosmetic items, Kratos Risen Snow Armor, and Atreus Risen Snow Tunic. Note that Atreus’ armor changes are purely cosmetic. As such, Kratos’ Snow Armor might actually provide some stat boosts.

Pre-order (LIVE) at other UK retailers

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