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Xbox Cloud Gaming is Coming to Meta Quest

Meta and Microsoft announced at the 2022 Meta Connect conference that Meta Quest 2 will eventually integrate with Xbox Cloud Gaming, allowing users to stream Xbox games to their headsets.

According to a post by Oculus Blog, players will be able to stream “hundreds” of games to Meta Quest Store compatible devices, including Meta Quest 2. This works even in games that aren’t inherently VR compatible with him. Because the setup will allow you to play these games in 2D. The screen, which the company describes, is like “having a private movie theater that’s always available.”

At the time of this writing, there is no hard release date as to when Xbox Cloud Gaming will be available on the Meta Quest Store. However, according to an Oculus blog post, both companies plan to announce details “as soon as possible.”

Xbox cloud streaming already Available for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, and Xbox games can be streamed to mobile devices, smart TVs, and even Xbox consoles. Earlier this week, the Xbox head Phil Spencer posted a picture of what it turned out to be. Xbox-branded streaming stick prototype codenamed KeynoteThe company has since shelved the idea of ​​moving to other means of cloud streaming integration, such as bringing Xbox Cloud Gaming to the Meta Quest Store.

This all happened less than two weeks after Google shut down its own video game streaming service, Stadia, leaving several projects in development for the platform in limbo.

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