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Xbox Cyber Monday Deals: Controllers, Consoles, Accessories, and More

Black Friday may be over, but if you miss the big day itself, don’t worry. The discounts continue through Cyber ​​Monday, so you’ve got yourself a great Xbox sale. Retailers like Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, and GameStop have rated Cyber ​​Weekend pretty highly, and with Xbox coming in second in sales for October 2022, it’s getting more home than ever. Xbox consoles are on the rise. There’s a lot to explore, so let’s get lost in it.

$50 off Xbox Series S, $20 off Xbox controllers, video game Black Friday 2022 sales, and even some PS5 and PlayStation sales. So are the enemies (just kidding, play the game peacefully). See below for the best Cyber ​​Weekend Xbox deals. Be sure to follow me. @IGNDeals Follow us on Twitter for more information.

TL;DR – Best Xbox Black Friday Deals

Best Xbox Cyber ​​Monday Console Deals

Perhaps the best deal we’ll see on a “new generation” console this year’s Cyber ​​Monday is the Xbox Series S Holiday Edition deal. Get ready for one of the greatest years in Xbox history.

Walmart also offers an Xbox Series S deal where you can win a spare Xbox controller. Even with the controller added, it’s still cheaper than the Series S’s MSRP outside of the holiday season, so that’s another bargain. Remember, games like Starfield and Redfall are coming to Xbox Series S next year, and you can play them all with Game Pass. I think this is a great deal and worth considering.

black friday deals

Xbox Series S 512GB – Holiday bundle

The only difference between this Xbox Series S and the regular Xbox Series S is the box that comes with it.

Xbox Series S 512GB SSD body, wireless controller + spare Xbox wireless controller included

black friday deals

Xbox Series S 512GB SSD Console, Wireless Controller + Additional Xbox Wireless controller

Cyber ​​Monday: Best deals on Xbox accessories

Best Buy for Xbox Wireless Controllers is currently having great deals during their Cyber ​​Monday sale. Price reduced to just $39.99That’s $20 off the original list price, and if you’ve been looking for another controller (like Overcooked or It Takes Two couch co-ops on vacation), it’s a pretty good deal.

This contract includes: black, white, and red controllers.of pulse red The controller was also a hit with IGN’s audience, and is the most popular version of the controller sold in other recent gamepad sales this year.

Xbox Wireless Controller - Pulse Red
Xbox Wireless Controller - Robot White

cyber monday deals

Xbox Wireless Controller – Robot White

Xbox Wireless Controller - Luna Shift

cyber monday deals

Xbox Wireless Controller – Lunar Surface shift

Not sure which accessory to buy? Check out our guide to the best Xbox accessories.

Best Xbox Cyber ​​Monday Video Game Deals

Looking for more deals? Check out our guide to the best Xbox video game deals going on right now.

Cyber ​​Monday Xbox Game Deals at Amazon

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands: Next Level Edition

Cyber ​​Monday Xbox Game Deals at Best Buy

far cry 6

Cyber ​​Monday Xbox Game Deals at GameStop

Xbox Series S Holiday Bundle
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Kowabunga Collection

Best Cyber ​​Monday Deals and Deals

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