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Xbox is Making it Easier to Clip Audio to Report Inappropriate Voice Chats

Microsoft is introducing a new safety feature to the Xbox console to make it easier for players to report inappropriate voice chat.

of new blog postXbox Player Services Dave McCarthy said the new feature will allow players to “capture and report inappropriate voice activity in any multiplayer game using in-game voice chat on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.” I write that I can. McCarthy also confirmed that the feature supports thousands of games that offer multiplayer voice chat. This includes backward compatible Xbox 360 games.

This new feature gives Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One players the option to capture a one-minute video clip of in-game audio that they deem inappropriate and violates Xbox’s community standards. . The clip will then be submitted as evidence to the Xbox Safety Team, who will review the evidence and notify the player if Xbox has taken action.

“Xbox continues to help players feel protected with reactive audio reporting. Empowering players with easy-to-use tools helps foster a sense of togetherness.”

Family Online Safety Institute CEO Stephen Balkam said, “Xbox continues to help players feel protected with reactive audio reports. We can foster a sense of togetherness while improving the health of our gaming communities.” blog post.

More interestingly, this blog post states that you don’t have to send the clip immediately after recording it. It states that clips are stored on the device for 24 hours before being deleted. This allows users to decide whether or not to submit reports each day, and Xbox will send a notification reminding them to submit reports before the clip is erased.

In recent years, companies such as riot games and PlayStation have introduced similar voice moderation policies aimed at cracking down on inappropriate voice chat behavior in multiplayer games.

According to Microsoft, the new safety feature will first be rolled out to Xbox Insiders via alpha and alpha skip rings before being made available to all users.

Taylor is a reporter for IGN. You can follow her on her Twitter @TayNixster.

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