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Xbox’s Powerhouse RPG Lineup + FTC Trial Revelations – Unlocked 600

I have a lot to say about this groundbreaking episode. We recap some of the games we saw and played at Summer Game Fest, discuss how Xbox stacks up its AAA exclusive first-party RPGs over the next few years, and since Microsoft has officially stopped making games. , Pour one of them for Xbox One. Then we finish this super long episode delving into all of the crazy revelations that came out during Microsoft’s trial against the FTC over the Activision-Blizzard acquisition. fun!

Subscribe to your favorite podcast feeds and our youtube channelagain Get the MP3 of this week’s episode. For more great content, check out our recent interview with Todd Howard. He talked about realizing Starfield’s vision for the first time in eight years, how Red Dead Redemption 2 inspired him, and his future.

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Ryan McCaffrey is IGN’s executive editor of Previews, IGN’s weekly Xbox Show and podcast unlockedas well as monthly (ish) interview programs, No IGN filter. He’s from North Jersey, so it’s a “Taylor ham” not a “pork roll”. Discuss with him on Twitter. @DMC_Ryan.

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