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You Can Now Watch Sony’s Disastrous E3 2006 Press Conference in 1080p

You can now watch Sony’s disastrous E3 2006 presentation in stunning 1080P. This is the best video quality of any presentation ever recorded.

On the Noclip Game History Archive channel, the Noclip team Uploaded We streamed the PlayStation conference, which lasted about two hours, to YouTube. The video description says it’s sourced from two of his HDCAMs that were recording the source’s broadcast feed. Halfway through his presentation he’s still missing a two-minute segment, but Noclip is currently looking for a tape that might contain it.

The reason this particular press conference is infamous for Sony is because of how Sony positioned its upcoming PlayStation 3 at the time, and the various memes surrounding it. The 60GB PS3 was revealed to cost $600 at launch, which was the same price as Microsoft’s Xbox 360. and Assembled Nintendo Wii. This gave rise to the “$599 USD” meme, a price point that will haunt the PlayStation for years to come.

Other notable moments during the press conference included Sony showing off Ridge Racer on the PSP and then-CEO Kazu Hirai enthusiastically yelling “RIIIDGE RACERR” as the camera jerked while zooming in on gameplay.

Of course, no one can forget the meme that grabs the giant enemy. Genji: Days of the Blade was one of his few titles to launch on PS3. When showing gameplay, the presenter emphasized that the game is based on real historical events. There, a huge enemy crab appeared.

Despite a rocky start, the PS3 eventually surpassed Xbox 360 worldwide shipments in 2013. Sony has finally won over players’ hearts again with the PS4, and Microsoft has admitted losing the console wars to PlayStation in the recent FTC trial to acquire Activision Blizzard.

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