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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Seemingly Includes Breath of the Wild’s Biggest Side Quest

One of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s more divisive elements seems to be back with Tears of the Kingdom. An upcoming commercial for Tears of the Kingdom was leaked on Reddit yesterday, showing fresh boss footage and new areas.

But that’s not all hidden in this 30-second spot.hawk eye fan reddit Players who have spent hours searching for Korok seeds in Breath of the Wild spotted a ring of rocks that looked familiar. that’s right. It looks like the Korok Hunt is back in Tears of the Kingdom.

In Breath of the Wild, players used Korok Seeds to upgrade the number of weapons, shields, and bows they could hold in their inventory. There were 900 Koroks scattered across Hyrule’s map for Link to hunt down. Korok was hidden in a variety of ways, including rock patterns, magnesis block puzzles, flowers, and trails of sparks. Tracking down each one took real dedication, only to be rewarded with a giant poop.

Tears of the Kingdom looks like it’s going to shake up a lot of the returning elements from Breath of the Wild, so we’ll have to see if Nintendo somehow remixed Colock Hunt. Slight This rock ring found in the trailer could serve another purpose.

We’re pouring into every second of yesterday’s final Tears of the Kingdom trailer. . Or read why Tears of the Kingdom comes years after Breath of the Wild. Finally, you fall in love with the man the Zelda community calls Buckethead.

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