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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Shrines Guide Updated: The 8 Most Wanted Shrines

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is finally out, and everyone is finally starting to realize just how huge this game really is. We’ve worked hard to prepare an in-depth walkthrough and strategy guide for IGN Tears of the Kingdom, based on hundreds of hours of gameplay. It also contains the important Temple Puzzle Guide.

Tears of the Kingdom has a whopping 152 shrines hidden across its vast map. We have not only cataloged them all, but also put together a quick rundown of the most popular shrine locations and a brief overview. of shrine solutions.

Mayachin Shrine

Mayachin shrine (fixing device) appeared central hyrule, easily found just north of Hyrule Field Skyview Tower in the Exchange Ruins. You can walk there.

Once you get there, you’ll need to use ground spikes, ground rotary switches, ultra hands, and careful timing to create the mechanics of hitting the ball into the target with your baseball bat. This may take a few tries and requires more complicated setups to get the treasure chest.

Mayaumekis Shrine

The Temple of Mayaumekis (Descending Army) is located above the Hebra region.then you will find it naturally progress through Turin in Rito Village quest line.

Once inside, hit the switch with an arrow between the bars. Bounce off the sails of the ship and cross the gap to reach the bar-blocked door. Take out the bow in the air to slow down time and shoot the switch through the bar to open the final door.

Susuya Shrine

The Susuyai shrine (thread winding device) is located in central Hyrule, Southwest of Lookout Landing And the observation deck landing Skyview Tower. You can walk there.

Avoid the cars when inside and grab them with the Ultra Hand when exiting and use it to run up the spinning floor. Then use your car to run into the device on the other side and hold the door open while you pass. In the last room you can build platforms using Ultrahand. This platform uses a suspended platform and wheels attached to the front of the device to touch the track and cross gaps. Activate it to move on and complete the shrine.

Temple of Oroquium

The Temple of Orochium (Falling Courage) is hidden in the icy Hebra Mountains to the north. Snowfield stables.

It’s a bit of a maze inside, the objective is to get the ball into the first hole from the center of the maze. Go around left, use Ascend to go inside, bypass the maze, open double doors with Ultra Hand, get hit by lasers and fall through the trap door. Avoid this final set of lasers, climb the ceiling to collect the key, and climb again to get the ball. Then lift the ball up in the elevator at the back of the maze, attach it to the glider with the Ultra Hand, and sail down to hit the target.

Ishodag Shrine

The Shrine of Ishodag (Wind Device) is located in central Hyrule, on top of a rocky hill to the west. Hyrule Castle Town Ruins. Climb to the shrine through the stone overhang on the north side of the hill. Inside, it uses carefully placed fans to first float upwards, then across a body of water, and finally propel an elevator up to the final platform.

Jinitsu Shrine

The Ren-iz shrine (jumping the gap) is also based in the central Hyrule subzone. Crenel Hills. It’s hidden in a huge tree.

Once inside, use the Ultra Hand to adjust the metal plate to drop the ball into the basket. You may have to try several times. The second puzzle contains both a long metal plate and a short square plate. Place the long board on top of the switch and use the short board diagonally to create a slope to send the ball flying.

Solyotanog Shrine

Solyotanog Shrine (Buried Light) gerudo desert. You can fly in from the Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower or from nearby Sky Island. Alternatively, you can take things the hard way and fend off enemies while climbing the walls of Gerudo town.

Once inside, use the fan to dig out the items needed to complete it. First a small key, then reflectors and hidden passages, then gears, and finally rays and reflectors.

Moloch Shrine

The Temple of Moloch (a bouncy device) awaits on the Low-Flying Sky Island of the World. Ranaryu Region, which makes it a little more difficult to access. You can also climb through the hanging root system or use Recall on the fallen clumps of Sky Island to rise high enough to access.

Once inside, you’ll first learn the tricks of using a spring mechanism to move around the shrine, then launching a ball from the spring to move the ball to your target.

If you get tired of exploring Shrine, there are plenty of other things to do. They’re all cataloged in our complete Tears of the Kingdom guide.

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