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10 Games Like Genshin Impact to Play Next

hoyoverse release Genshin About three years ago, the game was released during the COVID-19 pandemic and became a huge hit in the gaming industry. In this free-to-play anime RPG from China, players explore the vast world of Tivat as twins and separated travelers in another world, interacting with a variety of characters based on combat moves. You can not only interact, but also play. Elements such as earth, wind, fire, water and electricity.

While the story is about a traveler (male or female, depending on your choice) searching for a brother, Genshin focuses on exploring the seven nations of Tivat, learning about their culture and customs, and fighting the monsters that inhabit them. I’m here. Not so much about the final family reunion. The game won numerous awards (including Player’s Voice at The Game Awards 2022) and spawned a lot of fans with his art and animations.

However, for those who want to take a break from Genshin Impact and play similar games, here are 10 games you can check out.

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild Genshin Impact was one of the Zelda games that kicked off a generation of non-series open-world games inspired by its gameplay mechanics and art style, and Genshin Impact is where it started. I get a lot of inspiration. Link wakes up from a century-old sleep with no memory of what happened to him, and is tasked with saving Princess Zelda and stopping Calamity Ganon from destroying Hyrule and the world.

Nintendo gave players permission to complete the game’s story in a non-linear fashion, explore vast landscapes on the ground and in the air, and give them plenty of room to experiment with different gameplay elements.

Immortals Phoenix Rising

In Ubisoft’s interpretation of Greek mythology, Typhon escaped from his imprisonment in the Underworld, stole the power and essence of the Olympian gods, forced Zeus to flee to Prometheus, and as punishment chained Prometheus to a mountain, leaving him to I asked for help to beat him. Prometheus makes a deal with Zeus that he will be released from imprisonment if any mortal can defeat Typhon, and tells the story of the mortal Phoenix who must stop Typhon from escaping from the underworld to save his brother. .

Phoenix gains powers of the gods, such as Ares’ Wrath, as the game progresses, and can upgrade weapons. One of his gameplay elements is Immortals Phoenix Rising What makes Genshin Impact stand out is the ability for players to change Phoenix’s gender (by default, Phoenix is ​​female), voice, and appearance. In Genshin, you can only select characters of different genders. Apart from that, players should monitor their stamina during combat so that it doesn’t deplete with repeated attacks.

sonic frontier

you might think so sonic frontier It’s a step away from Genshin Impact, but the latest installment of the adorable blue hedgehog couldn’t be more different. Sonic and his friends are sucked into cyberspace via a wormhole on their way to the Starfall Islands, but while trapped in the Digital World, Sonic manages to escape. That’s why they look like Sonic in pixelated form when he rescues them.

Frontier is great in that it has a stamina gauge next to it whenever Sonic boosts or dives underwater, you can climb structures, it has a skill tree, you experience a cycle of the day, and it has a navigation system. Similar to Genshin. he is the desired destination. Needless to say, the puzzles and challenges he completes reveal more locations.

final fantasy 14

Final Fantasy 14 is set five years after the events of the original 2010 game, which was a major and commercial failure for Square Enix. The gods bless the player to time travel his character five years into the future to escape Eorzea’s destruction by the primordial dragon Bahamut. You must also face the threat of invasion from the Gallean Empire, which is working to rebuild the land.

Unlike Genshin Impact, FF14 is an interactive MMORPG, but with a rich open world to explore. What this game does have in common with Genshin Impact, however, is that it employs a game-as-a-service model that includes gacha his items that you can spend real money on if your in-game currency can’t cover it. FF14 has also released his four expansions in the last decade: Heavensward (2015), Stormblood (2017), Shadowbringers (2019) and Endwalker (2021).

persona 5

Developed by Atlas persona 5 A high school student with the pseudonym Joker was falsely accused of assault, received probation, and transferred to another school. prompt. . They dive into the Metaverse, a paranormal realm created by human subconscious desires, and steal malice from the hearts of adults.

In Persona 5, players can enter dungeons within the Metaverse called Palaces, formed by corrupted adult minds that represent distorted perceptions of places in the real world, and battle them and their shadows (the true selves). . Other than that, I work part-time and do requests from NPCs.


Chia Set in a fictional archipelago heavily inspired by the Pacific island nation of New Caledonia, the titular 12-year-old heroine tries to rescue her father, who has been kidnapped by a tyrant and his army of paper warriors. leave for the mission of Tchia explores her home island by sea (on a raft), in the air (her self-built glider), and on land. She also gains a unique ability called Soul Jump. This allows you to possess and control animals and inanimate objects such as dogs and coconuts to perform specific tasks, travel to new areas, solve puzzles, and defend yourself. she herself against the enemy.

The characters speak entirely in French and Drefu, two of New Caledonia’s main languages. Soul Jump also draws inspiration from New Caledonian folklore about shapeshifting.

Collapse 3rd

Collapse 3rd The HoYverse’s sci-fi version of Genshin Impact is set on Earth 50,000 years in the future, plagued by a catastrophe caused by Honkai, powerful beings who corrupt humans and give certain people god-like powers called Hellscher. It happens with another version of . Causes an apocalypse every time civilization advances too far. His three factions in Global were created to either fight the Honkai or take advantage of the Honkai. Schicksal deploys his Valkyries. anti-entropy. Uses human soldiers instead of mechs. And the World Serpent, who has been manipulating events since the end of the previous civilization.

Honkai Impact 3rd incorporates a variety of genres such as barrage, platforming, shooting, and dungeon exploration combined with gacha mechanics that offer new weapons and characters. There will also be limited-time seasonal events that offer gameplay elements not found in regular gameplay modes.

Honkai: Starrailthe space-based Collapse 3rd sequel, is available now for iOS, Android, and PC via the Epic Games Store.

Tales of Arise

The 17th entry in the Tales series, Tales of Arise The story revolves around Alphen, a slave of Danaan who has no memory of the past, and Shionne, a girl of Renan who has a curse that causes thorns to grow from her body when touched, and deepens their bond on the journey to end the Renan people. Repression of the Dananan tribe.

Although the game does not have multiplayer like its predecessor, most of the gameplay focuses on dodging, counterattacking, and other character interactions during combat.

Ni no Kuni 2 Revenant Kingdom

Set several hundred years after “Ninokuni: Wrath of the White Witch” Ni no Kuni 2 Revenant Kingdom The story revolves around a young Grimalkin (half human, half cat) named Evan Pettywisker Tyldrum. Tyldrum is banished in a coup on the day of his coronation following his father’s untimely death. He sets out on a journey to build his kingdom and unite all the nations of the world.

Players can freely explore the open world of Ni no Kuni 2, but must complete quests linearly to advance the story. During battle, the player can switch between her three other characters at any time. A certain amount of world building is required as you need to manage the labor force in your town and supply the shops with materials for weapons and armor.

Xenoblade X

Xenoblade X Xenoblade Chronicles is a Wii U exclusive Xenoblade title set on the planet Mira. There, part of humanity has taken refuge after the destruction of Earth by alien warfare. A player suffering from amnesia after being rescued from an escape pod, his character becomes a member of BLADE and participates in missions to defend the new world from the Ganglion Union, riding mechs to explore the surrounding environment.

Players can customize their character’s gender, voice, build, and facial features at any point in the game. New Los Angeles serves as the hub world for Xenoblade X, much like Mondstadt serves as the hub world for Genshin Impact. Completing quests (most of which are divided into story his quests) rewards the player with experience points that improve his stats and class.

Cristina Alexander is a freelance writer at IGN. In the words of Calvin Harris, she puts her love for Sonic the Hedgehog on the table like a big deal. Follow her on her Twitter @SonicPrincess15.

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