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Bayonetta Voice Actor Reportedly Offered At Least $15,000 For Role, Contrary to Claims

New evidence has emerged that Bayonetta’s voice actress Helena Taylor was offered at least $15,000 to reprise her role in the sequel. Only offered $4,000 to lead.

new report by bloombergwhich has since been backed by VGC, citing documents and two people familiar with the negotiations who say Platinum tried to hire Taylor for five sessions lasting four hours each. According to VGC, this would have been a “significant increase” in Taylor’s fees from his second game.

According to the report, Taylor rejected these terms and instead demanded six-digit sums and residuals. After “long negotiations,” Platinum subsequently hired Jennifer Hale to take on the role of Bayonetta. .

In statements to both Bloomberg and VGC, Taylor called the report a “complete lie” and claimed that Platinum was “trying to save their butts and their game.” said to support

“I would like to put this whole bloody franchise behind me. Frankly, I would like to continue my life in theater,” she wrote.

During Bayonetta 3’s explosive weekend, Taylor tweeted multiple videos calling on fans to boycott the game while claiming he only offered $4,000 to return the sequel. Director Hideki Kamiya tweeted that he was “sad and deplorable about his false attitude” and Hale replied that he supported “the right of every actor to be well paid” but that he was “not free” to talk about the situation. .

Voice actors across the industry share their support for Taylor, Start a broader discussion about how actors are paid in gamesAs pointed out by . Reporter Stephen TotiloSAG/AFTRA Union minimum is $1,000 per session with no balance.

Nintendo has been contacted for comment and this story will be updated with additional statements.

Kat Bailey is IGN’s Senior News Editor and co-host of Nintendo Voice Chat. Any tips? Send her a DM at @the_katbot.

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