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Blizzard Promises Diablo 4 Fix for Heavily-Criticised Season 1 Menu Screen After Some Accidentally Activate Premium Battle Pass

Diablo 4 developer Blizzard has promised to fix a user interface issue that was causing some players to accidentally activate the Premium Battle Pass.

Streamer Lurikan posted a clip on Twitter showing how he accidentally activated the Season 1 Premium Battle Pass for 1,000 Platinum (£8.39 / $9.99) in Diablo 4’s Battle Pass menu screen. The ‘Activate Premium Battle Pass’ button is not only near the button you use to see his Journey in Seasons, but in this screen the cursor defaults to the ‘Activate Premium Battle Pass’ button.

Lurican explained that he is saving the Battle Pass unlocks earned by purchasing Diablo 4’s Digital Deluxe or Ultimate editions for future seasons because he “doesn’t have time to commit to it this season.”

“So Blizzard put the ‘Activate Premium Battle Pass’ button right next to the button you always have to press to see your Season Journey,” Lurican said. “What do you think happened to me and at least his five other people in my stream? This is just malicious design.”

popular streamers Licker also attended “IMO Blizzard should add a confirm button or something if they don’t want to be accused of using dark patterns. A simple ‘confirm’ popup would fix this.” ”

In response to the original Twitter post, which has been viewed more than three million times, Diablo 4 Community Chief Adam Fletcher said a temporary fix was in the works, “at least so that the cursor doesn’t default there, it defaults in Season Journey.” This small update will roll out early in the week starting July 24th.

This user interface issue is more of an issue on consoles than on PC, as mouse and keyboard input are less likely to accidentally click menus, but if you want to play Diablo 4 Season 1 without paying extra, the “Activate Premium Battle Pass” button is worth noting. You can avoid this.

last week, Blizzard Addresses Backlash Over Controversial Diablo 4 Nerf Patchpromises to revert many of the changes made in the new patch.

In spite of various problems, Diablo 4 is a big hit Over 10 million people played in June. Diablo 4 was Blizzard’s fastest-selling game of all time, driving the company’s record revenue and profits.Check here if you’re still playing Interactive Diablo 4 Map Click to start tracking your progress as you play.

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