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Destiny 2 Is Raising the Price of its Season Pass

in today’s blog, Destiny 2 creator Bungie announced a price increase for the standalone Season Pass. This gives players access to limited-time activities and story content every three months.

Going forward, Bungie will be requesting Destiny 2 players to increase by 20% from 1,000 Silver (an in-game premium currency that costs real money) to 1,200 Silver ($10 to $12 per season) per season.

At the same time, Bungie announced a 10% increase in the price of Season Pass Ranked Bundles. This price increase will bring the +10 Rank Bundle from 2,000 Silver to 2,200 Silver (or $20 to $22).

This will affect everyone who had purchased the Season Pass through Destiny a la carte, but those who have already purchased 1 year of Season Access via the Deluxe version of Destiny 2: Lightfall will receive the price increase. will not affect – at least until the next major expansion currently scheduled for next year: The Final Shape.

“Our team continues to invest in creating a compelling season experience for the year of Lightfall.

No reason was provided for the price increase, but the developer said: – Release content in the year of The Final Shape. “Bungie also said of the new investment in his content for the season:

While the cost of Seasonal content has always been very low, especially for players who buy the annual expansion bundles up front, the quality of that content has been an ongoing debate, often resulting in repetitive activities and reissues. depends. Weapons and armor from previous expansions or iterations of Destiny. Hopefully, this price increase and pledge to invest in seasonal content will result in 20% more profit from Bungie’s live service pipeline.

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