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Final Fantasy XVI DLC Might Happen After All Based on New Naoki Yoshida Interview

After all, Square Enix is ​​considering adding DLC ​​to Final Fantasy XVI. This comes after Square Enix commented earlier this year that it had no plans to add more content at this time.

“As you know, one of the things we wanted to do for FFXVI was create a complete story that is 100% enjoyable from start to finish without DLC. And I think we did it,” said the producer. ‘s Naoki Yoshida said in a new interview.

“But now we’re getting feedback from players who’ve played the game, and we understand that a lot of players want to see more, and we know and understand that. ‘ he continued. “For us, we’re taking it and thinking about our options going forward, and hopefully we’ll be able to offer something to everyone in the near future.”

Director Hiroshi Takai announced in May. There were no current DLC plans And Square Enix said it was waiting to see how fans would react to the game before working on anything else.

Square Enix also said it wouldn’t be providing a Day One patch, but then backed off and released the patch anyway. “FFXVI” has been well received, so it may be possible that more DLC will be added.

In IGN’s Final Fantasy XVI review, we said: “Final Fantasy 16 is certainly different from what fans have come to expect from a Final Fantasy game, with fast, reflexes, and action-packed combat, but the story, characters, and world-building are excellent. The best the series has to offer is right around the corner, and the innovative Active Time Lore feature should set a new bar for how long, story-heavy games can keep players immersed in their worlds. “

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