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Forget Weapon Durability, The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Needs a Cooking Overhaul

we got the first extended glimpse The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Gameplay This week, it was mostly focused on Link’s new fusion ability, but it immediately set the internet ablaze when one resurrection feature was confirmed: Weapon DurabilityBut while people debate whether Breath of the Wild’s breakable weapons are good (spoiler: they are and we’ll talk more about why) Latest episode of NVC), I’m much more concerned about the future of another possible system – let’s face it, Link’s cooking skills need to be honed.

Although not explicitly shown in the gameplay video, all signs of cooking are back. Seen at a campfire in a briefly visited cave. Evidence that the food system may indeed have been expanded as well, as the cooking pot symbol in the UI appears to occupy the “top” of the directional pad in the same way it quickly selects weapons and shields. there is.

I’m in a serious love-hate relationship so that’s great Breath of the Wild CuisineThis is a surprisingly deep system full of fun experiments and some very powerful buffs if you know what you’re throwing into the pot. I’ve come to actually care about all the small items I used to vacuum. Items that I overlooked in the early days were suddenly worth the weight of Rupees once I realized what they could be used to craft.

However, the way Breath of the Wild actually manipulates the cooking options unfortunately doesn’t live up to its potential. That the only way to cook is to slowly navigate through the cluttered inventory, individually putting up to five items in Link’s arm, closing it, and then physically dropping them into the cooking pot. is clearly insane. You miss the pot and have to start least you can skip many It’s part of the cooking cutscene that plays every time, but making more than one meal at a time is a painfully slow process.

I’m also concerned that there’s no way to track in-game what combinations you’ve already tried and their results, especially considering how many ingredient options there are. I really like being able to do that, but if you want to keep that recipe for a long time, it’s wild to have the option to basically memorize it quickly or write it down manually. Even if you take a photo, the album isn’t designed for easy browsing.

“I have a serious love-hate relationship with Breath of the Wild cooking.”

On top of that, as much as I loved trying different material combinations for interesting results, this system ends up being fairly easy to crack. Combine and match up to five items. The idea of ​​having them is tempting, but the truth of the matter is that when it comes to recovery and stamina options, you should only use one. Once he’s gained enough stats, he puts one item in the pot that increases his maximum health or stamina (e.g. Hearty Durian or Endura Carrot), a bit Gives a little extra boost while completely replenishing your natural maximum. This flattens out many of the “best” late-game cooking options for me, and can make the process of roasting a single carrot bunch even more of a hassle.

As I see it, Tears of the Kingdom has the opportunity to smooth out so many bumps in the system that I finally really like. You can sit by the campfire and open the cooking menu to select individual ingredients so you can see more quickly what their combinations will look like. (or in multiples). The question of how food scales over dozens of hours is a tough one to solve, and I won’t pretend I know how to do it, but it’s a question of interacting with a cooking station. Even if it’s just to improve the methods. Anything that takes over weapon repairs at any time.

I haven’t seen much of Tears of the Kingdom yet, but I’ve been very optimistic about the gameplay this week. We think there are still some big surprises ahead, but it looks like its Fusion and Ultra Hand abilities are already enhancing the ways players can experiment with (and even exploit) Breath of the Wild. Facts give us hope that Nintendo can do the same with cooking. The only way to be able to tie a piece of meat to a sword and kill a Bokoblin is to make it medium rare.

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