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Gigabyte B650E Aorus Master Review: A PCIe 5.0 M.2 Party

The B650E Aorus Master is the flagship board of Gigabyte’s B650 lineup.About $150 cheaper than X670E Aorus Master As previously reviewed, multiple PCIe 5.0 M.2 sockets, 13 USB ports (including 20 Gbps Type-C), the latest generation flagship-class audio solution, overbuilt power delivery, and more Well equipped, with many looks. Premium over price. It lacks a 40 Gbps port (a feature included in some B650 boards), but unless you need this feature, choosing a B650-based motherboard can save you quite a bit of money over the X670E model.

Gigabyte has gone all out with the B650 chipset, offering a total of 13 motherboards (compared to 5 X670s) of varying sizes and prices. You’ll find all the familiar Aorus series (Master, Elite, Ultra, and Pro) and his B650 Aero G for creators. There are also some non-Aorus boards. That is Gaming X and DS3H SKUs. With so many product stacks, including MicroATX and Mini-ITX SKUs, there’s something for everyone. Prices start at $159.99 (B650M DS3H) to $349.99 for Aorus Master.

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