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Halo Infinite Director Joseph Staten Leaving 343 Industries to Rejoin Xbox Publishing

After today’s announcement, Microsoft lays off 10,000 peopledetails continue to emerge about how the internal restructuring will affect the games sector, with Halo Infinite’s 343 Industries among the studios affected.

according to bloombergHalo veteran Joseph Staten, who began his career at Bungie in 1998, will transition from his creative director role on Halo Infinite to rejoin Xbox’s publishing division.Join Staten The team at 343 Industries In 2020, he served as the campaign project lead for Halo Infinite, after which his title was changed to Head of Creative.

Bloomberg’s report includes an email from 343 Industries head Pierre Hintze, explaining that the studio has “made the difficult decision to rebuild” and will continue to support Halo Infinite’s live service features. It says it will. The details of Staten’s new role and the exact extent of its impact on 343 Industries are currently unknown.

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