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Halo Infinite Promises Shorter Seasons, More Consistent Content Drops, and ‘Bigger Things to Come’

With Halo Infinite’s Winter Update rolling out, 343 Industries thanks fans for their patience and support, promising shorter seasons, more consistent content drops, and “bigger things” in the future.

343 shared a message Helloway Point, He said he recognizes that Halo Infinite’s journey since launch “wasn’t the smoothest or fastest.” It also says it will add the Winter Update – match and performance-based his XP, beta for Forge Mode, official release of Online Campaign Co-op and Campaign Replay, two new maps, new Battle Pass, Covert One Flag game mode. increase. , and more – a big moment for the studio.

“The Winter Update is a big step forward for our game and studio, but this is just the first step in that evolution,” 343 wrote. “The team is actively working on key player experience priorities across the game to address areas of feedback and is targeting another game update by the end of this year.

“We are so grateful for all of your support and can’t wait to spin this corner with you all in 2023. We look forward to shorter seasons, more regular content streams, and bigger things to come. Because you are looking.”

One of the biggest complaints players had about Halo Infinite was the lack of a steady stream of new content, in addition to the controversial initial multiplayer progression. In April, 343 said it understood that “the community simply lacks patience.” It has stated that it will take some time to get the ship back into orbit, and now seems to be in a good place to do so.

For more on Halo Infinite, check out how match and performance-based XP works, and let us know how you feel about Halo’s future.

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