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Homestead Arcana’s Removed Achievement Was Never Meant to Be in the Game, Says Dev

According to developer Serenity Forge, the removed Xbox achievements from Homestead Arcana were never intended to be included in the game, possibly leading to the unprecedented removal decision.

Zhenghua Yang, founder and executive producer of Serenity Forge, apologized to IGN for the frustration and confusion the removal of achievements has caused.

“This achievement was the result of a miscommunication between our development team and the Skybound production team, and was never intended to be in the game in the first place,” he said.

“This achievement was the result of miscommunication between the development team and the Skybound production team.”

“We at Serenity Forge care deeply about not only Xbox fans, but the amazing people on the Xbox team, and we are truly sorry that this has caused so much trouble and confusion.”

Here is the response euro gamer Reports that flagged achievements that were deleted. An Xbox Homestead Arcana player has noticed his gamerscore jumping to his 1,000th of his 1,000th, even though he hasn’t unlocked the last in-game achievement.

Report anomalies on the performance tracking website true achievementsFans quickly realized that a deliberate move had been made to remove the “You Can’t Be Too Prepared” achievement entirely. This is nearly impossible for players to unlock as it requires hundreds of items to craft, and some have reported glitches making it completely unattainable.

It was unclear at the time who requested the achievement ruling, whether it was the developer or Microsoft, but Yang’s comments to IGN suggest it was the former.

Removing achievements is virtually unheard of elsewhere and hadn’t been done before Homestead Arcana unless Microsoft had removed it for a game that didn’t get the attention it deserved.

Announced at the ID@Xbox showcase last September, Homestead Arcana promises to blend an exploration-based farming sim with a magic-based RPG, allowing players to farm fields and cast spells in parallel. bottom.

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Editor’s Note: Previously, this article claimed that Microsoft removed the achievements, even though the information was unclear. IGN regrets the mistake and has updated the article with a statement from the developer.

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